Эдита Пьеха - Grand Collection (2003) FLAC
Исполнитель: Эдита Пьеха Название диска: Grand Collection Год выпуска: 2003 Жанр: Pop, Retro Количество треков: 19 Формат | Качество: Flac (image+.cue) | lossless Размер файла: 396 Mb..
Песняры - Grand Collection (1999) FLAC
Исполнитель: Песняры Название диска: Grand Collection Год выпуска: 1999 Жанр: Retro Количество треков: 18 Формат | Качество: Flac (image+.cue) | lossless Размер файла: 422 Mb..

Мультимедиа / Скачать Steinberg The Grand Piano 2 v2.0.0.1152

Steinberg The Grand Piano 2 v2.0.0.1152

Steinberg The Grand Piano 2 v2.0.0.1152

Steinberg The Grand Piano 2 v2.0.0.1152

Виртуальное фортепиано The Grand 2 является модернизированным вариантом инструмента The Grand, сделанным на основе аудиоядра виртуального семплера HALion 3.
В новой версии добавлены семплы второго концертного рояля (включая шум клавиш, звуки педали и молоточков), поддержка четырехканального окружающего звука (возможно размещение инструмента в виртуальном помещении), а также ряд функций, повышающих эффективность использования компьютера: технология RAMSave из семплера HALion (выгрузка неиспользуемых семплов из оперативной памяти), улучшенное считывание семплов с диска, режим ECO для старых компьютеров.
Программу можно использовать автономно (поддерживаются MME, ASIO, Core Audio) или как плагин формата VST, DXi, AU. Кроме того, поддерживается ReWire.

Системные требования: Windows XP, Pentium/Athlon 1 ГГц (рекомендуется 1,4 ГГц), 512 Мб RAM (1 Гб рекомендуется); MacOS X 10.3.7 или выше, PowerMac G4 1 ГГц (рекомендуется G4 Dual 1,25 ГГц), 512 Мб RAM (1 Гб рекомендуется).


The Grand 2 - The Ideal Concert Grand Piano
The Grand affords you an experience you’ll not soon forget - the jaw-dropping sound and inimitable feel of a high-quality concert grand piano. This VST instrument’s breathtaking authenticity and extraordinary dynamic response make it a must-have for every pianist. Make no mistake - it is the only alternative to a bona fide concert grand.

Two top-flight concert grand pianos in one virtual instrument
Utterly authentic piano sound that comes courtesy of two of the world’s finest, most expensive and rarest concert grands
Full-length sustain samples, no loops, with every key sampled individually at varying velocities
Unrivalled dynamic response
Amazingly authentic sustain pedal resonance, damper and hammer emulations
Velocity adapts individually to suit your touch, style of play and keyboard’s response
Powerful options for tweaking tone and variable room simulations

Based on The Grand, the venerable virtual repilication of real grand hailed far and wide, The Grand 2 is a step up the evolutionary ladder. For the new version of the virtual concert grand, Steinberg revamped the Playback Engine and optimized a score of the grand piano emulation’s decisive details to achieve an even more authentic sonic image and satisfyingly realistic feel. The Grand 2 now offers a second top-drawer concert grand, Surround support, and a host of functions for optimizing the processor load
Steinberg The Grand Piano 2 v2.0.0.1152

A Dream Come True: A Concert Grand of Your Very Own
If you make computer-assisted music and want the lush tone of a genuine concert grand, look no further - The Grand 2 is your first choice. The good news is that it sounds exactly like a world-class, handmade, perfectly intonated grand piano, the finest instrument money can buy. Better yet, it is affordable, easy to tote, fits in every apartment, and can be made part of every production without the technical skills and resources required to record the real thing. Painstakingly sampled in an anechoic room, the source material for The Grand comes courtesy of two of the world’s finest, rarest and surely most expensive concert pianos. Unlike a digital piano or a sampler, The Grand is not powered by looped samples, and it delivers natural full-length sustain and decay. For even greater authenticity, every key was sampled at many different velocities, faithfully capturing the full extent of every note’s decay. The result is a jaw-dropping VST instrument with mind-boggling dynamic response. Not only does it sound like a bona fide concert grand, it feels just like the real deal when you play.

Truly Natural Feel
The Grand is a lively, responsive instrument, highly sensitive to your touch and playing style. Featuring freely definable velocity curves and attack sensitivity, The Grand adapts to suit your keyboard and playing style. Aside from the keys, a pianist’s most important means of expression are the pedals. The Grand’s respond just like their counterparts on a real concert grand, and faithfully carry out every sustain and sustenuto pedal command.

Unrivalled Realism
The Grand 2 offers a variety of functions emulating acoustic grand pianos’ trademark response and adding distinctive incidental noises for an even more realistic grand piano sound. You can adjust these acoustical properties’ volume independently. You may even deactivate these functions if you wish, say to make The Grand sound like a digital piano.

True Sustain Resonance
This is a very sophisticated feature on The Grand 2, which no sampler and only very few expensive digital pianos offer. A bit of background information helps to understand this function: When you play a note on an acoustic grand piano, only the damper of that key is raised, while all other strings remain dampened. If you step on the right (hold or sustain) pedal, the dampers are lifted from all the strings. Now when you strike a key, its string vibrations set the surrounding strings, sound board and housing vibrating sympathetically. This resonating tone is reminiscent of a long reverb tail. A concert piano like The Grand 2 would fall short of the real-deal mark if it didn’t also offer you this option.

Discerning pianists are sure to welcome the option of after-pedaling*. Even if the sustain pedal is pressed after striking the keys, the undampened surrounding strings will still begin resonating.

True String Release
When a key on a grand piano is released, the felt damper comes down the vibrating strings. This string action does not stop abruptly; they continue to vibrate for a moment. With the benefit of True String Release, The Grand does this too.

True Hammer Release
When a key is released on an acoustic grand piano, the hammer returns to its initial position and generates a sound best described as low and woody. The pianist seated at the grand piano hears this sound very clearly, though, depending on microphone placement, it may be all but inaudible in recordings. If you want to hear that True Hammer Release, The Grand 2 will fulfill your wish.

Key Sound
When you strike a key on a keyboard instrument, its action and mechanical components make a distinctive sound. Granted, it is soft and subtle, but certainly audible for any listener seated close to the grand piano.

Damper Pedal Sound
With this option, you can add the faint, subtle sound of a damper pedal’s action to the sound of the dampened grand piano.

Tonal Variety
The Grand 2 comprises two expressive concert grands with very different fundamental sounds and unique tonal characters. For each piano, you have four sophisticated sound presets to choose from. They offer richly complex variations in volume and tonal response, and you are free to select the option that best suits the given musical genre and style of play.

The grand piano plays and sounds like a real acoustic grand piano. This is the perfect choice for classical, jazz and all other musical scenarios requiring true sound and authentic feel.

Even if you pound the keys, the sound is dampened a tad more than with a real acoustic grand piano.

Like with Soft, the dynamic response is normal in terms of volume, but the tone is brighter and more powerful - even when you play with a soft touch. Good for solo/melody lines and for accompanying electric / electronic instruments.

The dynamic response of the instrument is limited to the extent that it sounds altogether more powerful and louder. The tone is also somewhat brighter than on a real grand. Great for conjuring punchy grand piano sounds typical of contemporary modern music styles.

A grand piano is played in a room, and the sound of the room (called ambience) is a component part of an acoustic grand piano’s overall tone. What distinguishes The Grand 2 from virtually all digital pianos and sample libraries is that it lets you adjust the sound of the piano and the room ambience separately.

The Grand 2 was recorded an anechoic room, which is why it provides a true, unadulterated grand piano sound. You can shape the room in which this grand piano plays as you see fit - even in Surround sound, if you wish.

Not only will The Grand 2’s tuning never drift under even the most extreme climatic conditions, you can also temper it or change its reference tuning with just a few clicks. The Grand 2 offers the standard tempered tuning option for when you want to accompany other tempered instruments in sweet harmony. You can also opt for grand concert piano tuning or “spread” tuning. A good piano tuner always tunes the instrument to concert grand scale. This tuning factors the slightly varying pitch of the overtones generated by piano strings into the equation. This tuning makes allowances for the harmonic “spread” so that the instrument is in relative tune; that is, it sounds great on its own. And the Master Tune knob lets you adjust the default pitch of 440 hertz (A in standard pitch) in the range of 415.3 to 466.2 hertz

The Grand 2 is an instrument of great technical and tonal complexity. Read that to mean it has a healthy appetite for CPU performance and RAM and hard disk real estate. For this reason, The Grand 2 was endowed with numerous functions that help conserve system resources and improve overall performance.

Disk Streaming
Disk streaming technology lets you play samples directly from the hard disk to lighten the load of your computer’s main memory.

Eco Mode
In Eco mode, a single click is all it takes to instantly reduce the RAM and processor load by activating a user-defined preset for the number of voices, disk streaming, sound quality, incidental noise, and so forth.

When RAMSaveTM is enabled, all loaded samples that are not used in the given song are automatically dumped from the main memory. This frees up RAM resources for other processes.

Quality Knob
The Quality knob lets you trade a slight reduction in sound quality for a boost in system performance.

Год выпуска / Release year: 2010
Платформа/ОС: Windows® 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Язык / Language:English
Лекарство / Activation/Crack/Serial/etc: присутствует / present
Размер / Size: 1,93 ГБ

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