Архитектурная визуализация в ArchiCAD и Cinema 4D (2013)
Инструктор Николай Гущин - архитектор по образованию. В данном курсе он подробно покажет как экспортировать проекты из ArchiCAD в Cinema 4D, наполнить композицию элементами и завершить это все в эффектном движении физического рендера. Вы познакомитесь с модулем Hair на практике, а также немало..

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SpeedTree Cinema 7.0.5

SpeedTree Sinema - это 3d пакет созданный для быстрого создания деревьев, кустарников, травы, больших лесных массивов высокого качества с малым количеством полигонов. Cinema V6 это редакция оригинального Speed Tree доработанная специалистами из ILM для создания растительности в таком фильме как Avatar. В программе представлен набор инструментов, с помощью которых вы сможете быстро и без труда создавать растения любого вида и размера, создавать скелет, и в последствии анимировать.

SpeedTree Cinema delivers a unique procedural plus hand modeling approach that lets you create exactly the tree or plant you want faster than ever before. Start with our large species library (all of which is yours with a Cinema license) or create your own using custom leaf or branch models and textures. Export as a mesh with baked-in wind animation via point cache, and then bring it into your rendering package of choice. SpeedTree Cinema is available in 32- and 64-bit versions available for Windows, and for the first time, Mac and Linux. It easily integrates with digital content creation/special effects software, including Maya®, Houdini, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max®, Rhino, and more.

SpeedTree Cinema Modeler application (see below for features)
Our complete Tree Model Library:
Includes over 3,800 textures and normal maps and over 700 SPM files
Each SPM file can spawn infinite variations
Includes tree/asset browser application
Single cross-platform floating license
One year’s direct developer support (email or phone in addition to the SpeedTree Forum)
SpeedTree Cinema Modeler Features:
Procedural modeling
Model by hand drawing
Create procedurally generated subdivision surface models that are ideal for “hero tree” pipelines
Simulate animated growth of trees and plants
Artist-directed season changes
User controlled UV mapping, textures, and polygonal control
Import of and growth around custom mesh assets
Export meshes in a variety of formats including Alembic, FBX and OBJ
Export wind effects via point cache (with real-time preview)
FBX processor scripts for multiple 3D packages
World building toolset
Quad geometry output

Version 7 enhancements and new features include:
Subdivision Surfaces
Use this highly-anticipated feature to easily create procedurally generated subdivision surface models that are ideal for “hero tree” pipelines and more.

Animated Growth
SpeedTree Cinema 7 includes this new artist-friendly tool that allows you to animate simulated growth of trees and plants (available in v7 Cinema only).

Alembic Export
Easily export cached SpeedTree models into the open Alembic framework (.abc) for exchanging animated scene data with popular DCC platforms like Maya®, Houdini and Cinema 4D.

GUI Improvements
The new, streamlined user interface in version 7 will slash modeling time and ease your overall workflow.

Season Changes
With this new Cinema 7 tool, you can transition models through a full range of seasonal colors and foliage changes with a slider control. Create an unlimited number of structure-based variations, including mid-leaf transition states, for more variance in the final render (available in v7 Cinema only).

Tree Library Enhancements
Whether using the Tree Model Library included with SpeedTree Cinema 7 or purchasing tree models for SpeedTree Studio 7 from our Online Tree Model Store, you’ll be able to match nature more closely than ever with our expanded library of high-detail models. Individual leaves and needles will move even more realistically with the new, fine-tuned wind settings.

“Simplify” Feature
With the new “Simplify” feature you can quickly and easily create low polygon models from high definition, cinema- quality models.

“Focus” Tool
This new tool allows you to focus on parts of the model, while also enhancing responsiveness in close detail work. By displaying only those portions of the tree being actively modeled, certain processes are reduced from hours to minutes.

Export Variations
In Cinema 7, it’s now easier to export multiple variations of SpeedTree models and meshes in a single setup (available in v7 Cinema only).

Render Sequence
This Cinema 7 enhancement allows you to control and preview rendering sequences using a timeline to reduce rendering wait times, especially during iterative changes (available in v7 Cinema only).

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